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SCS is truly a wonderful place but what you might not realize is that the school, much like every other Catholic school, cannot operate without the help of the surrounding parish communities. No Catholic school can function on tuition dollars alone. At SCS, it costs just over $8,000 to educate a student but the average tuition cost is $5,670. Why the difference? First, no Catholic school?s tuition is the same as the cost per pupil. Catholic school education is a mission. It is not for profit. SCS exists to educate young people academically, emotionally and spiritually so they grow to become good people and good Catholics. Because of this mission, the goal is to keep tuition as affordable as possible for families who desire Catholic education. In addition, we have over 40 students who receive some form of tuition assistance, necessary for their children to attend SCS.

At SCS, we take Canon Law and the bishop's mandate very seriously. Canon law states that parents are the primary educators of the faith but Catholic schools should be utilized whenever possible to complement and further the education provided by parents. The bishop has stated that no child should be denied a Catholic education in a Catholic school as long as there are seats available in the building. Currently, our enrollment is 172 students with capacity for 234. The staff at SCS take those directives very seriously and are welcoming to all.

To make up the difference in tuition costs versus cost to educate, and to continue to provide the high level of quality education at SCS, the school relies on generous donations during the Annual Fund Campaign. The funds raised during the Annual Fund are used to help fund the different programs at SCS, such as technology needs, after school programs, tuition assistance and just the basic upkeep and general needs of the school.
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